Servicing Greeting Card, Stationery and Gift Publishers for over 30 years

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Whilst the high street is closed the JBH office will be manned by people working from home. Please use our usual email address or for general enquiries

The warehouse is in a partial shutdown. For further information please call: 01594 837391.

Stay safe and we look forward to getting back to full production in the not too distant future.

For over 30 years JBH has been providing a storage, fulfilment and distribution facility to clients large and small. We provide a professional, friendly and high quality service to some of the most prestigious and up-and-coming greeting card, stationery and gift publishers in the UK.

By using JBH you will have the peace of mind that all your warehousing and distribution is in excellent hands and that your orders are being despatched accurately and efficiently. You can be confident that our flexibility enables us to deal with any peak order times, giving you time to concentrate on developing your products, sales, marketing and growing your business.

JBH uses the latest IT systems and is constantly evolving to meet its clients’ needs. We work in close partnership with all of our clients, providing knowledge and experience to help them grow. Our large flexible warehousing and economy of scale help us to offer our services at very competitive prices.